Innovatie/ projecten

“Combining our passions for technology and for human motion data. Monitor your daily actions without even being aware of it.”


Kinetic Analysis® and ISOKINE bvba are creating new innovative ways to support your daily life quality using smart textiles. Introducing a unique modular approach in sensors, comfort and design to serve a wide range of markets.

Ergonomics at work

The first project was a spin-off of the Health Care Lab (HCL). The aim of this project was to develop a smart textile product that is able to map the nurses’ workload, through the registration of bending and lifting movements throughout their work day. Back problems are a common cause of absenteeism among nurses. To read more about that project >>>

Also office workers will benefit from posture analysis, and monitoring activity levels. Because sedentary behavior is a common cause of absenteeism in the corporate world, we assist this field through small, yet smart innovations in peoples own clothes.

Sports professionals

At the highest level of sports, it is all about the smallest errors and adjustments, which cannot be identified with the naked eye. So sensors integrated in textile can provide a coach or trainer with a better insight in the abilities and performance of the athlete and can reduce the occurrence of injuries by detecting potential injuries at an early stage. Currently developing for analysing sweat, temperature, quality of movement among others. Multiple projects like Smart Sports Textiles and Nano4Sports aiming at runners and cyclists are presented in our blog.


Several specific patient groups can particularly benefit from the easy accessible assistive tools. Ranging from elderly suffering from dementia, that may need assistance in safely returning home to more specific groups such as people with Parkinson’s disease who will benefit most from integrated tactile cues. Specific features are haptic feedback and breathing frequency analysis.

The aim of the projects is to develop sensor and feedback technology that can be integrated into clothing in order to provide the user with insightful information on specific outcomes. Kinetic Analysis® focuses on developing new innovations that improve people’s quality of life. Whether it is making the difference between a gold and silver medal at the Olympics or being able to delay care home admission, by assisting elderly in overcoming challenges to make it through the day more efficiently. In order to achieve this, several new sensors and electronics are in development to be ready for integration in various textiles. In collaboration with its international business and academic partners, Kinetic Analysis has been making great progress in this field since early 2016. The main focus of the smart textile projects is to develop products that are market-ready, with an outstanding price-performance ratio. Interested? Want to be in on the latest? Follow our blog to stay updated and sign up for our newsletter.